Summer SciFi Grants

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The HRSFANS Summer SciFi Grants offer HRSFANS members the opportunity to promote speculative fiction and gaming at Harvard. By contributing to the HRSFANS Summer SciFi Fund, you can help make it possible for Harvard undergraduates to develop competence in writing and game design and to gain exposure to the writing, publishing, and gaming industries. These opportunities are contingent upon the generous financial support of the HRSFANS community.

To make a donation by check, address the check to HRSFANS. The memo line should read "writing grant", "industry grant", or "HRSFANS grant program", depending upon whether you'd like your money to go to only the writing grant, only the industry grant, or either. Checks should be sent to:

c/o Emily Morgan
3745H Miramar St
La Jolla, CA 92037

Or donate via PayPal:

Nota Bene: Paypal will appropriate a small percentage of your donation in exchange for its services. By presenting your donation in the form of a check, you can ensure that HRSFANS receives the full donation.

Donation Policies

How your donation will be spent

We welcome donations earmarked for HRSFANS Summer SciFi Writing Grant, the HRSFANS Summer SciFi Industry Grant, or for the HRSFANS Summer SciFi Grants as a whole. As per your expressed preference, Your donation will be used to fund a grant to a Harvard College student participating in a speculative fiction writing program, or in a gaming or publishing internship, or either. Funds from your donation may be used to pay for administrative costs associated with the HRSFANS Summer SciFi Grants program. If your donation is not used to fund a grant for the coming year, it will be held in reserve to support future grants. Your donation will be used entirely in support of the HRSFANS Summer SciFi Grants program, rather than any other HRSFANS initiative.

Tax Status

Donations to the HRSFANS Summer SciFi Grants are not presently tax-deductable. However, HRSFANS is currently in the process of applying for 501(c)3 status. If it is granted, donations will be tax deductible retroactively.

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