Summer SciFi Grants

The HRSFANS Summer SciFi Writing Grants provide financial support to Harvard College students attending a writing workshop with a speculative fiction focus. The HRSFANS Summer SciFi Industry Grants provide financial support to Harvard college students pursuing internships in the fields of speculative fiction publishing or game development.

The Summer SciFi Writing Grants aim to encourage Harvard students to develop interests in speculative fiction writing through formal training. The Summer SciFi Industry Grants support students interested in experiencing and learning about the industries of speculative fiction publishing, board games, video games, and role-playing games. In either case, we want to help undergraduates with a passion in one of these areas of interest to hone their skills, refine their palates, meet likeminded people, and explore pertinent industries. Whether you're a serious amateur or bound for the profession, if you want to commit your summer to a speculative fiction writing workshop, or to a publishing or gaming internship, we'd like to help.

The size of a HRSFANS Summer SciFi Grant varies depending upon the number of qualified applicants, their anticipated financial needs for the summer, and the funding available to us in a given year. In most cases, grants will be under $3000.

The HRSFANS Summer SciFi Grants are sponsored by the Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Alumni Networking Society. HRSFANS is a Special Interest Group of the Harvard Alumni Association, and the alumni affiliate of the Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association.

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