Cheapass, RIP?

Cheapass Games’s Double-Secret Website implies that Cheapass Games no longer functions; certainly the website no longer functions for actual game-selling. However, some of their games are being sold at another website.

While Elisabeth is on the subject of cool websites with witty imagery and language where one can buy cool stuff for not much money, I am taking the opportunity to lament that Cheapass (forgive my language–that really is the brand name) appears no longer to be publishing games.


On the plus side, some of their games are still being sold. At a website with a purple golem mascot. Which beats all hollow many of the alternatives.

On the other freaking hand–Kill Doctor Lucky “in a new full-color, high-quality deluxe edition featuring components on par with the best European board games”?!? WTF? Is James Ernest rolling over in his warm hole in the ground?

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