Catan in cupcake form

Everyone loves Catan. Especially when it’s made of sugar.

Catan in cupcake form

Click the picture for a full-resolution version. It’s entirely edible, down to the fondant rocks and robber. Most impressive. This birthday cake (actually, 19 cupcakes) was made by housemates Cassia and Kim for our friend Tony’s birthday. I believe that the inspiration came from Cupcakes of Catan.

4 thoughts on “Catan in cupcake form

  1. Wow. Yay, Cassia and Kim! I’m impressed that you went through with that. Did anyone trade cupcakes?

  2. Beautiful. The amazing fungibility of baked goods strikes again! Cendri made U.S. state cookies before election night last year and frosted each of them in the appropriate color as the results came in–there are photos on FB!

    Now I’m wondering how one could actually play that (once, of course). Dyed sugar cubes for settlements, perhaps, and what for roads?

  3. I only just followed the “Cupcakes of Catan” link and now I *do* know how one can, in fact, play it. Totally insane. And I am proud to say Cassia and Kim’s version looks more authentic!

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