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Guest Posting on

By the way, if you’d ever like to post something here, but you don’t want to get your own posting account, email your post to me and I’ll put it up.

If you’d like to post often enough that this sounds like a hassle, email Emily and she’ll set you up with an account of your own.

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HRSFANS Event at Harvard 2011 Reunion

In one Age, called the Third Age by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a HRSFANS event was hosted in the Lowell Senior Common room. The event was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning.

For anyone attending the Harvard 2011 reunion, there will be a HRSFANS event on Saturday, May 28th, from 3-5 pm in the Lowell Senior Common Room. Come join us for refreshments, good company, and the possibility of going mad if you stay too long.

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If Vericon were 12 days long (according to Tony)

The following post was written by Tony, and is posted here at his behest:

In anticipation of vericon TWELVE, in 2012, which is TWELVE months from now, I wrote a song: The Twelve Days of VeriCon:

On the twelfth day of Vericon my hrsfa gave to meā€¦
Twelve Friends a greeting
Eleven Creatures Tapping
Ten Boards of Gaming
Nine Authors Signing
Eight Alums Carousing
Seven Movie mockers
Six Larps late-running
Five Viral Memes
Four Cosplay teams
Three Common rooms
Two Burdicks runs
One And a ConChair in a Tizzy
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Bored Now?

Dennis Clark has made a new social networking tool. At his request, I reproduce his introduction to it, below:

Hey all,

I’ve just finished making something I really want to show you all.

Since leaving college, I’ve missed HRSFA-Social pretty hard. It was just totally great when you were feeling bored to be able to send one email and summon a bunch of people to come hang out while not feeling like you were spamming the entire world with your lack of cool. In this spirit, I present:

Named after everyone’s favorite Vamp Willow utterance, BoredNow is a cross between a realtime HRSFA-Social and the WoW dungeon finder — it’s an attempt to solve the ludicrious problem that it’s easier to organize a group of your friends to do something in a video game than it is in real life. I’m hoping that fellow HRSFANS at Vericon will find it useful for organizing pickup games and going out to eat and maybe for some things I haven’t thought of yet.

Right now, I have a realtime chat feature working along with the ability to join a pickup group and a randomized activity picker that will choose a game for you based on the number of people in your group and the amount of time you all have available. There’s much more to come, but I wanted to see if anybody liked the idea in general before building things that nobody wants.

I’m trying to spend the time between now and Friday developing a mobile website in addition to the desktop one (and maybe just one more feature), along with making sure that my server doesn’t fall over. If you’d like to help me out, I’d love it if:

1) You just came by the site. I’m new at this whole webhosting thing and for various reasons I’m running on a server I configured myself. I’d love to get some load so I can fix anything I can pre-Vericon.

2) You added some more activity ideas. Right now I have about six games in the database, which is essentially enough to make sure that the feature works but nothing more. I have a submission form up for anything you suggest, and after you do I’ll give the additions a cursory review and toss them right in the mix.

3) You told me what you think. Is this the worst idea ever ever ever? Please let me know before I waste any more time! Bug reports, feature requests, love notes, hate notes, whatever. There’s a comment form up (and you all have my email) so it’s easy to inform me about the depths of your fury.

4) Last, of course, I’m pretty much trundling around boston until vericon with nothing to do but work on this. I’m up for anything people want to do as long as I can stay within wifi range in case the server blows up. You know how to get in contact šŸ˜‰

So thanks for listening, sorry for the spam, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you all think.

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Superhero Law Blog

I just ran across Law and the Multiverse, a blog which tackles legal issues raised in superhero comics. I’m not a comics enthusiast or a lawyer myself, so I have little expertise with which to judge its quality, but I’d be curious to hear the opinions of those who know more about either of these things than I do.

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