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“Domestic Transformer”

While we’re talking about innovative solutions to space constraints…

This Hong Kong architect has packed twenty four rooms into his tiny but very versatile apartment, through the magic of movable walls and fold-out facilities.  Apparently, this is environmentally friendly in addition to being awesomely futuristic.

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Unusual bookshelves

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your book storage, here are two fun ideas from Lifehacker:

For the gravity defying, there’s an Invisible Floating Bookshelf:

Or if you’re just out to confuse people, try the Inverted Bookshelf:

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International Pillow Fight Day

This Saturday, April 3rd, is International Pillow Fight Day! In cities all around the world, people will gather for massive public pillow fights. The facebook event for my local pillow fight in San Diego has over 5000 attendees registered. I can’t wait!

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