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Cheapass, RIP?

While Elisabeth is on the subject of cool websites with witty imagery and language where one can buy cool stuff for not much money, I am taking the opportunity to lament that Cheapass (forgive my language–that really is the brand name) appears no longer to be publishing games.


On the plus side, some of their games are still being sold. At a website with a purple golem mascot. Which beats all hollow many of the alternatives.

On the other freaking hand–Kill Doctor Lucky “in a new full-color, high-quality deluxe edition featuring components on par with the best European board games”?!? WTF? Is James Ernest rolling over in his warm hole in the ground?

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check out these greeting cards! (no, seriously)

I’ve always been pretty skeptical of conventional greeting/thank you/etc. cards, in general. But I ran across a guy selling some really excellent cards of various sorts at a farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago, and couldn’t help but buy a few.  If you can imagine a Romanophile Edward Gorey and some of his friends going into the card-design business…that’s more or less the idea.

Anyway, today I received a thank-you note from the first recipient of one of the cards I bought. She wanted to know more about the creators, which led me to their website:

The website was clearly designed by the same people who designed the cards. It’s worth checking out even if you haven’t (or hadn’t previously) the slightest interest in greeting cards.


New QC shirt

I’m not sure what to think about the new shirt from Questionable Content. On the one hand: Cat! Jet pack! Science! Glow in the dark! On the other hand: What does the phrase “Science is a verb now” actually mean? The blurb for the shirt, to its credit, actually does use “science” as a verb:

Pay no attention to the cat sciencing through space. She was sciencing where she wasn’t supposed to science and it is our hope that in the end her sciencing will help further the cause of science.

I’m all for sciencing to further the cause of science, but without that explanatory text (which, unlike the title of a certain story, does not appear on the shirt itself) I find the phrase pretty puzzling. When I first saw it, I thought it was perhaps refering to the idea that “verbs are actions; nouns are things”, which is a huge oversimplication, and which I therefore do not want to encourage. Speaking of which, here is a shirt I know I love.

But anyway, back to the QC shirt: am I overthinking? Does it really mean what it says? Does it mean something else entirely? Am I overthinking because OMG it’s a glow in the dark cat with a jetpack and SCIENCE!?